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    Meet Miss Brooke

    The Bond Boss, 

    Transformation leader, Activist, and Change Maker


    "Behind everyone's unjust experience, lies a story that should be shared with the world to raise awareness and a call for a change, and I strive to be the soundboard to let those voices be heard"

    ~Miss Brooke~


    Miss Brooke, owner and CEO of BROOKE'S Bail Bonding in Nashville, has a calling to get people out of jail and keep people out of jail by transforming the lives of her clients. It is Miss Brooke's mission to bring awareness to the social injustices her clients face due to a broken system, by using her platforms to give a voice to the voiceless as she shares their stories, in an effort to raise awareness and call for a plan of action to make positive changes in the system and the world. Miss Brooke is also passionate about being a powerful voice and advocate for her bail industry.
  • Chapter 1: 

    Brooke's Bail Bonding

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  • Chapter 2:

      Cashville Bonding Trailer

  • Chapter 3:

     Channing's Song

    Gone but not forgotten....

  • Chapter 4: Social Feed

    Check out my latest updates!

  • Life Coaching at Brooke's Bonding on WSMV4

    Chapter 6: Behind-the-Scenes

    My Crazy Bond Life!

    Brooke's Bonding Headquarters Grand Opening!

  • Chapter 7: Documentary

    In the making!

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  • Chapter 8:

    Miss Brooke Said Yes to the

    Red Wedding Dress!

    Behind the Scenes of my wedding!

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    Est. 6/15/2019

    Our first dance!


    Chapter 10:

    Master Class


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    Chapter 11:

    Keynote/Motivational Speaking


    Miss Brooke's motivation and inspiration for her audience:


    Throughout my journey of honoring my calling and fulfilling my purpose as a transformational leader, I have always been so passionate about sharing my story and being a messenger of healing and hope to others who have endured similar situations. I have always been a big believer that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, and I truly believe EVERYTHING I have endured and overcome in my lifetime has led me to my mission of sharing my story and giving others hope that there truly is light at the end of the dark tunnel, and I want to be the tour guide to get EVERYONE to the light!